35% off: Our 11th Anniversary and where Outlaw is today!

Back in 2013, we didn't think we would be still running Outlaw 11 years later.

Almost unanimously, anyone who heard about our crazy idea of creating soap and cologne that smells like leather and campfire warned us this would fail. They said it was too competitive and that most people already had their own soap preferences, and that getting people to change to our products would be nearly impossible.

They were not wrong.

In our entrepreneurial optimism (some might call it "hubris," and some might call it "total foolishness"), we vastly underestimated how much time and effort it would take to start -- and continue running -- a consumer goods company.

I am SO GLAD we were foolishly optimistic, because, while it has been expensive and challenging beyond imagination, it has also been INTENSELY REWARDING in ways we could have never imagined.

As we enter our 11th year of "total foolishness," with more than 200,000 customers and $15M in revenue (over that 11 years), we are at a crossroads. We are deciding what Outlaw is to become.

In order to fund this change in direction, we are raising money. If you believe in what Outlaw stands for and what we have created, and want to see us continue this business, we invite you to stand with us and invest in Outlaw's future: https://wefunder.com/outlaw.soaps

We're also holding a 35% off sale! We invite you to use the code OUTLAWSFOREVER at checkout for 35% off our most popular products, which you can shop here: https://liveoutlaw.com/collections/11th-anniversary-sale

As always, thank you for being on this amazing journey with us. We hope to ride by your side for many years to come.

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