About handmade soap

What is handmade soap? Why is it different from other soaps?

Let's start with the basics... What is handmade soap?

In the photo on the right, Russ, the co-founder of Outlaw, is mixing oil, lye (aka sodium hydroxide), and water in some buckets. This is how Outlaw handmade soap is made from scratch.

He's literally using his hands to make it. Yes, Russ is also holding an immersion blender, but there's no heavy machinery here. Each batch is mixed by hand, by definition.

The process of hand-making soap isn't new! It's centuries (probably millennia) old. In the extra old days, they used soda ash from fire instead of sodium hydroxide.

Why make soap by hand? Read on to find out...

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All-American Made Made in the USA

Ours is a country of entrepreneurs and pioneers. Our whole culture is steeped in the importance of “pulling up by bootstraps” and “being proactive.” Where other countries value working together like a well-oiled machine, the US seems to appreciate the rogue challenger to the status quo (not always to our credit, but definitely to our entertainment). 

That’s an attitude we personally hold, and also one we try to infuse in our business. We want our customers to get out there and try stuff, challenge routines, and focus on living life to the limits.

This doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate other cultures. But our company is an American one… for better or for worse. Even if it means we make some crazy mistakes (which we do. all the time.)

(this passage originally appeared in an interview for the All New American blog)

So that's our company. We hope you enjoy our company and our products. When you buy from Outlaw Soaps, you don't just get stuff, you get friends... and not sucky friends, either. Friends who want you to be AWESOME and DO AWESOME THINGS.

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Running with outlaws is risk-free Satisfaction guarantee

We want you to love what you ordered, so we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you don't like what you got, we'll refund your money (including shipping).

We know online ordering can feel like a risk, but we want running with outlaws to be risk-free.