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WANTED: Harley, AKA "Dead Eye"

Harley and Ranger Cattle

Hey Harley! Thanks for joinin' us! To start with, what's your favorite Outlaw activity (or activities)?

I love to ride horses, work cattle, and do anything related to animal agriculture. I'm going to start a ranch one of these days, but as of today my "ranch" consists of one Hereford heifer named Hashbrown. She's a cutie and we make a good team. I love to give her scratches in her favorite spots. She likes to lick my pants.

When I'm not out with animals I like to play video games... Red Dead Redemption has got to be my favorite series right now, it's a work of art. Arthur and John are good boahs. By the way, has anybody seen Gavin?

[Owner's note: "I'M LOOKING FOR MY FRIEND."]

Your favorite Outlaw scent is Calamity Jane. Why's that your favorite?

It's warm with a comforting spicy feel, plus a bit of a kick from the orange and whiskey. It's kind of like a lady who will give you a good hug and then turn around and deck a guy.

In general, what do you love best about Outlaw? We're always anglin' for compliments.

Y'all have a sense of humor that is as great as the products you sell. I appreciate that so much and I can't wait to order again.

Thanks so much for being part of the gang, Harley!

If you'd like to submit your own response for a chance at getting a free t-shirt and 500 in Outlaw Gold, you can fill out our nifty form here: https://airtable.com/shrHY8QdMR0vxNXsq

As always, thanks for being in our little gang!

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