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The Odds are Good, but the Goods are Odd

The first rule of being a scrappy survivor is that you have to be flexible and adapt to the reality of the situation.

Examples: If you don't have butter, use a banana for sweet dishes, and an avocado for savory dishes.
If you don't have toilet paper, facial tissue doesn't get picky about what cheeks it's on.
If you can't go to the hair stylist to get your hair colored, black mascara does the trick (not advised for blond hair).
Actually... this would be another good blog post... what tips do you have for smart substitutions?

As our supply chains are increasingly tenuous, we are having to improvise on some of our packaging.

Our supplier is 60k+ units backordered on our lotion pumps, so we are getting a slightly different substitute from another vendor. They look a little different than all our photos, but they still pump (and dispense) and they still lock.

"Good enough for the Outlaws we run with," as we have just recently started quoting.

There are certain things that we will not compromise on, which is, of course, the contents of the packages. We're going to continue to be relentlessly dedicated to high quality... but around the edges, you might see a little fancy footwork.

Thank you for being so awesome in these bizarre times. We are so grateful that you're supportive and patient during this time! We're so honored to be here with you.


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