The Independents Layer Your Own Scents

Mix your own scents based on your favorite memories with The Independents: Individual, realistic scents for your own personal memories.

Outlaw has always been all about creating scents inspired by your favorite memories -- those iconic memories that really define who you are at your best (I hope you're thinking of one such memory right now!). And, while there are memories we share (if you're reading this, the scents of leather, campfire, bourbon, pine, sagebrush, and fresh cut grass probably come to mind), you've also got your personal memories which play together like a symphony - sometimes one aspect (or one scent) is stronger in your memory, and other times, a different note steps forward.

One thing I personally love about our regular family of scents (if I may be so self-congratulatory...) is that our scents like Blazing Saddles, The Gambler, and Calamity Jane shift throughout the day.

Blazing Saddles, for example, starts out BOLD, with leather and gunpowder forward (how many companies cite "leather" and "gunpowder" as fragrance notes?), as a powerful reminder that you can hold your chin high -- the rugged individualist that you are -- and then it softens to an afternoon breeze of sandalwood and sagebrush as you skillfully navigate your day with all the poise and diplomacy of a stand-up-for-what's-right hero (which is you, and we appreciate you for it!).

But we also know that YOU want to craft your own scent soundtrack -- a symphony inspired by your own memories of trail rides through the pines, which transition into a sunset next to a campfire, roasting marshmallows (hey! yours looks like it's about to catch fire! ... yeah, I kind of like 'em that way, too).

This is why we've cooked up something mighty special: As far as I know, the FIRST EVER OF ITS KIND – introducing our Independents Cologne Set!

With the Independents, you're not just choosing a cologne; you're crafting a whole darn scent symphony. Pick four scent notes that strike a chord with your spirit, and layer 'em up like a master perfumer. The result? A scent that's as unique as your spirit – because who wants to smell like the same old saloon regular?  

From the earthy aroma of freshly cut grass to the sweet, smoky notes of smoke & sugar, and the timeless scent of leather, our Independents offer a range of captivating fragrances that speak to the rebel in you. So saddle up, create your signature scent, and let your outlaw spirit run wild!

Craft your own scents with our Mix & Match Independents Scent Layering Set:

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