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Sustainable Shipping

Conversations about shipping are one of the things people have specifically asked us not to talk about at parties, but you're here reading our blog, so we've got to assume you're at least half as dorky as we are about packaging.

When you receive your order, it comes in a brown cardboard box with some cool kraft paper padding. And of course, no one would blame you for ripping open the package and darting into the bathroom for an immediate shower... but quite a lot of thought has gone into our packaging, so I'm gonna give you the low-down.

The cardboard boxes are made with sustainably raised trees, and they're fully recyclable / biodegradable, so we hope you're recycling or biodegrading them.

Here's a close-up of the kraft paper padding (which you'll read more about tomorrow, if I haven't put you to sleep):

geami close-up

The kraft paper padding on the inside is both recycled and recyclable (did you just hear the opening notes to "The Circle of Life"? I hope so). While I was just now reflecting on the structure of the padding (which I often do... it's neat stuff), I thought now that winter's coming, it might even make a nice ground insulator to give your l'il seedlings a homey home without throwing them into the cold, harsh world of winter. Since it biodegrades, why not?

We hope you enjoy our musings on sustainable packaging. If you want to read more about all our explorations into shipping (and why wouldn't you? Fascinating, fascinating stuff!), check out all our blog posts about it.

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