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Outlaw Solid Cologne is Aces All the Way

Aces, all the way!
This scent is a warm glow for dark days, a cheeky wink for bright ones and all good things in between. It lasts all day and the customer service is great with a little something extra (in my case a bumper sticker) to make you smile. The proprietors really know their game and their packaging is slick, engaging to the eye, fun and adds to the total effect of the product. Total score on this product is 110% and rising from this gal. Top notch and will DEFINITELY be buying from them again. Aces, all the way! Photo taken after 4 months use! Goes a long way!
By E. S. Parker on Apr 09, 2019

I've shamelessly pilfered the photo and review from Amazon (hey, I'm an Outlaw! what do you expect?), because I often feel like our customers are the best people to talk about our products.

A pocket full of awesome

If you want to get the real rich scent of leather, gunpowder, sandalwood, and sagebrush, you can't get a more real and true rendition of that than Blazing Saddles Solid Cologne. If you want the smoky, rich scent of bourbon, tobacco, and leather, the only solid cologne that delivers is The Gambler Solid Cologne. And if you're pining for the explosively awesome scent of campfire, gunpowder, sagebrush, and whiskey, the only solid cologne you'll drop in your pocket is Fire in the Hole Solid Cologne.

There simply is no substitute for Outlaw Cologne.

We use high quality ingredients and make our solid colognes in small batches, right here in the USA. You know who makes these colognes? Brooke. She and my friend Kismet live in Vancouver, Washington and have a company that makes lotion bars and such (mostly for the knitting community). We asked them to help us out with solid colognes after we found out that folks were using our (since discontinued) stick-up lotion bars as cologne. The solid colognes are made in batches of 14. It's a time and labor intensive process, but we like the result and we think you will too (heck, thousands of folks before you have, so the odds are in your favor!).

Give Outlaw Solid Cologne a try and let us know what you think!

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