Create your own scent with the independents

We at Outlaw understand the power of scent in crafting the narrative of your day.

Just as a carefully chosen outfit or playlist can set the tone, the right fragrance is a personal signature that speaks volumes before you even say a word. That's why we've created "The Independents," which is a set of isolated scents - some might call them independent scents – to put the art of daily storytelling into your hands.

You can pick four scents you'd like to include in your repertoire, all for $40.

Each 15 ml bottle in this mix & match set is a chapter in your story, a reflection of your inner world that you bring to life.
- Leather for those assertive, take-charge days.
- Sandalwood for moments of deep thought and reflection.
- Sweet smoke to add a touch of mystery to your evenings.
- Fresh cut grass to invigorate your mornings with a burst of freshness.
- Pinecones to ground you in nature's embrace.
- And lavender to soothe your senses, bringing calm and balance.

Danielle Vincent, our co-founder, shares this belief: "Scent is a powerful storyteller. With 'The Independents,' we invite you to craft the mood of your day, in your own words, through the art of fragrance."

Embrace Your Story - Explore "The Independents" Now:

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