Danielle and her parents at the beach

Here's a little story about the inspiration for our newest scent of the month, Salt and Sea.

(the photo is actually my dad with my mom, not with Kim, but you get the picture)

When I was a little girl, Sundays were all about going to Vacation Bible School with my best friend and the minister's daughter, Sheena. We'd dress up, attend the service, and then head off to Bible school, filled with coloring and laughter. At the end, we'd return to the service for a special kids' talk by Sheena's dad (and the minister of our church), Irwin.

After church, Dad, Kim (his second wife), my half-brother Winston, and I would pile into the car and head to the beach in our Sunday clothes. On the way, we'd pick up a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken. - There was no need for extra crispy; the sand was our "extra crispy." - We'd drive to Santa Monica Beach, change out of our Sunday clothes in a towel tent Dad set up, and switch into our swim gear for a day at the beach. We'd spread out our blankets and towels on the sand, eating sandy chicken and getting sunburned until the sun went down.

We'd bring boogie boards because, in those days, I was a heckuva boogie boarder.

I loved the splash of the ocean and catching the wave just before it broke into white tips. You could feel the ocean swell underneath the board, and if you jumped on and paddled like crazy, you could catch the most epic wave ever.

Since I was just a little kid, big surfers didn’t bother with me. I wasn't in anyone's way because I wouldn't go out past where my short legs could keep me above water.

Sometimes, I would get tumbled like I was in a washing machine. - We actually called it "the washing machine." - I wouldn’t know which way was up and which way was down, gasping for breath every time my face came above water. I got swimmer's ear lots of times from those experiences and sometimes spent hours coughing up seawater and blowing it out of my nose.

Now that we live in Reno, I don't have easy access to a good beach. When I visit my brother in Los Angeles (which I’ll be doing this weekend), it feels like a big effort to get to the ocean.

There's so much to do to get ready, plus all the driving, finding parking, and trudging across the sand. Maybe it’s because I’m older and have to pack everything myself, or maybe it's because Los Angeles traffic has gotten worse.

It could be that the joy of being at the beach made all the extra effort worth it. It's amazing how the reward can make the effort seem effortless.

Salt and Sea is inspired by those summer Sundays at the beach with my dad, Kim, and Winston, playing in the sand, building sandcastles, and getting tumbled by the water.

Though the memories are more like snapshots, I still love the smell of the ocean—the salt, the sea, the spray, the sunscreen, and yes, even the Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Salt and Sea is available in a 15 mL sample size now or for pre-order in the full size. It is also July's scent of the month, so if you are subscribed to the Soap of the Month or the Scent Soundtrack subscription, you will enjoy this wonderful, playful, evocative scent.

What are your favorite summer memories? Did you enjoy family days at the beach, too?

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