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Outlaw Answers - Is Handmade Soap Better?

We here at Outlaw hear this question a lot: Is handmade soap better?

I mean, we think so! (But we may be a little biased.)

Our most popular bar soaps are handmade, cold-process, and are very moisturizing and we think GREAT for your skin. We include the most moisturizing oils we can without compromising the bar integrity.

We tested and we found the magic formula that keeps your skin soft and soooo kissable!

When you pick up a bar of our handmade soap, you'll feel and smell the difference. It won't leave your skin dry like other chemically processed manufactured soaps will.

We're not going to tell you how to wash, you gotta do you, but we can provide you with these amazingly frothy, oh-so-lathery soaps to make the whole thing a lot more rock and roll.

And if you're ever not happy, we stand behind our products with a money-back guarantee.

You got nothing to lose. Except some dry old skin

So grab yourself a wonderful bar today.

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