Outlaw crowdfunding campaign has been extended

First, THANK YOU to everyone who has contributed so far, and especially to Mike and Kelly (who contributed a lot and got us over that $50K campaign minimum).

I have been brought to tears of gratitude for the faith and support that each of you has for us and for Outlaw.

Russ and I had a chat about the campaign... to be honest, I kind of lost steam on it when my best friend and dog companion, Roxy, died in mid-March. 💔 Truth be told, I lost a lot when I lost Roxy... not just steam. Most of us can relate.

But Outlaw is our life's work and our mission for bringing good scents and good sense into the world! Yes, we took a beat, as was appropriate... but we're back in the saddle.

If you've been watching the Outlaw Instagram account, we recently did a live video event where we talked about the upcoming Legends of Redemption Flight, which is going into presale VERY SOON.

I wanted to drop this update in case you wondered why the campaign stopped showing up in the emails... We're not done, we just needed a minute to regroup.

If you're new to the info about the campaign, you can learn more here: https://wefunder.com/outlawsoaps

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