Our 2019 Father's Day Gift Guide!

Whether your dad is more like John Wayne or more like John Muir, we've got the perfect gift!

#1 Father's Day Gift: Blazing Saddles Spray Cologne

Western leather scented spray cologne in a gift box

For the John Wayne-type dad, we've got this Western-inspired cologne that's sure to please anyone who loves the scent of leather, gunpowder, sandalwood, and sagebrush.

It comes in a rustic branded presentation-perfect wooden box (with a brass clasp!) so your dad 'll know you think he's a real Western badass.

Don't just take our word for it, though! Here's what other Outlaws said:

"I recently ordered the solid cologne and the spray. I must say I am hooked. The scent is so good I find myself opening the tin just to have a sniff. I get lots of compliments whenever I put it on." - Steven

"Been wearing Blazing Saddles Cologne for two weeks. It has many layers, just outstanding. I have many colognes but this one has no comparison. I vacation in Arizona every couple of years and wearing this puts me out there in a good place." - David

"So I’ve been a returning customer for a while now and I’m never disappointed. The Blazing Saddles Line is truly my favorite. The Outlaws are an great bunch o’ folks. If you’re looking for something that’s unique and not the same ole same ole, go to outlaw soaps and I guarantee you will find pure awesomeness!" - Jason

Order Blazing Saddles Cologne

#2 Father's Day Gift: Double Down Essentials Monthly Subscription Box in Fire in the Hole

Fire in the Hole campfire soap and lotion set

Let your dad know you're thinkin' of him year 'round with this auto-renewing Double Down Essentials Soap and Lotion Subscription Box! It's the explosively awesome Fire in the Hole scent of campfire, gunpowder, sagebrush, excitement, whiskey, and some other stuff (you'll know it when you smell it).

For the rugged and ready adventurer, this gift will deliver delight in whatever frequency you desire. It includes two bars of Fire in the Hole Campfire Bar Soap and one bottle of rich and wonderful Fire in the Hole Campfire Lotion for just $30 (with free shipping!).

Read what folks had to say about Fire in the Hole Campfire Lotion:

"Hands down, the best lotion I've used! Smells amazing and my wife loves what it's done for my skin!" - Alex

"The second this was applied to my arm a change occurred, an anchor tattoo appeared on my shoulder and my upper lip began to vibrate. Before I knew it, a handlebar mustache had appeared. Now all of my friends call me Tex. I’m from Iowa. Once this bottle is gone another on will be on it’s way." - Xavier

"Even though the Fire in the Hole is not marketed as a facial moisturizer, it narrowly edged out [redacted high-end competing brand name], which is designed specifically for the face. That's a huge testament to Outlaw's quality! It feels like I'm pampering myself when I work in this rejuvenating lotion, with its rich texture yet non-greasy, comforting feel. It's a treat to use it. And, I keep sniffing my forearm throughout the day to be reminded how good I smell (it actually lasts a really long time - 6 hrs. or so - after the initial intensity recedes to a pleasant background fragrance that doesn't project itself, but keeps one a uniquely good-smelling man). Please keep up the outstanding work & quality!" - Rashed

 Double down with Dad by giving him the Double Down Essentials Set

#3 Father's Day Gift: Magic Beard & Hair Elixir

Magic beard and hair elixir beard oil

Muir it up! Known for his magnificently wild beard, John Muir definitely could have used this richly intoxicating (though not literally intoxicating -- don't drink the beard oil) beard oil. Made with high quality oils (like jojoba and cedar essential oil!), this cedar-scented serenade is the perfect blend to tame any beardy wilderness.

Many beard enthusiasts have reported increased beard swagger with the aid of this hefty 3 oz bottle. Here's what some had to say:

"When I use my magic beard elixir I feel like I just split 12 sequoia trees. My firewood stacked for the winter I’m ready to kick back and enjoy the fire and enjoy me some good whiskey, 15 bear paws up." - John

"I have to say that I truly love this product! When I put it on I feel like I've been transported back to some of my favorite memories as a kid. The woodsy cedar notes hit you right away, followed by the smell of roasting marshmallows by the fire. I find myself trying to smell myself throughout the day, I'm sure my co-workers think I'm crazy. The elixir also helps to keep my beard nice and soft. My wife and even my dog...yes my dog...like to nuzzle up against my beard. In fact, my dog smells like this elixir now. I really think that everybody should give this one a try. If you like Outlaw's other products, I think you'll truly enjoy this one!" - Ed

"I really don't know a damn thing about beards.
I accidentally grew a beard, as a direct consequence of a few weeks of pure, unmitigated sloth.
I'm historically vehemently anti-facial-hair, but this elixir is indeed magic; while I typically want to sandpaper my entire face off after a week without shaving, with the aid of Magic Beard Elixir I have successfully achieved and maintained ~15% lumberjack." - Josh

Get some Magic Beard & Hair Elixir

#4 Father's Day Gift: Shaving Soap in one of three badass scents

shaving soap from outlaw soaps

You asked for it, and the Outlaws are deliverin'! This limited edition shaving soap is a thick puck of wonderfully stable lather-building, creamy foam. It's scented in one of three Outlawish scents: Blazing Saddles (the sexiest scent ever), Fire in the Hole Campfire scent, and The Gambler bourbon, tobacco, and leather.

"I started wet shaving about a year ago and I'll never go back. It helped turn a boring, dreaded task into a ritual. The Gambler shaving soap is fantastic. It has a great scent, loads easily with my brush, and creates a nice, slick lather. All I need now is for ya'll to make an aftershave. Thanks for the great product." - David

"I super love this soap. I’d not used 'shaving soap' before, and was more-or-less have always been a dry shaver. Then I tried this stuff and it’s going to be hard to go back. It lathers up great (even just using normal scrubby-scrubby hands lathering; I don’t have a brush). It makes the razor just sliiiiiiide right across the whiskers. It’s nice and moisturizing. I have been pleasantly surprised. Highly recommended." - Christopher

#5 Father's Day Gift: Escape to the Mountain Hideout

Mountain Hideout pine soap and lotion

Doesn't dad need a getaway? Heck yeah he does!

Give him a sinkside escape anytime he needs it with Mountain Hideout, the scent of pine, campfire, and wilderness. It's all the rich, wonderful earthiness in a handy bottle (or bar)!

"Great smelling soap, makes you feel like you’re high in the Rockies!" - Michael

"Stumbled across this soap company totally by accident, and boy am I glad I did! The Wake up, Kick ass, Repeat coffee mug hooked me, and I got it and a bar of The Mountain Hideout for my birthday. Love them both. The soap has such a different smell, and it's a magnificent smell at that. Just recently ordered another bar, and three others, which were all just as amazing! I highly recommend The Mountain Hideout and their other soaps as well. Outstanding work Outlaw Soaps!!!" - Ralphie

"This stuff is incredible. Plain and simple. Smells good, cleans good, gets ya laid- what more are you looking for?" - Shannon

Score one of your own Mountain Hideouts for dad!

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