Just under 4 hours to invest in Outlaw's next phase

Outlaw is special in ways that we think should be standard.

If you know about us and want to invest in our future, read about our campaign here: https://wefunder.com/outlawsoaps

Back when we started Outlaw, we were starting from scratch. We were industry outsiders. We had never run our own business, let alone a consumer packaged goods (CPG) company.

We just had this idea: if we could surround ourselves with the scents that reminded us of who we were when we felt happiest -- scents like sagebrush and campfire -- we would feel better.

We also knew we wanted to make a certain kind of company that would at least be moving in the direction of the kind of world we wanted to build... a company that fairly compensated employees who could work in a non-sweatshop environment, provide full health insurance to those employees, and offer stock options to everyone (not just execs).

Side note: That health insurance has literally saved lives.

We wanted to make products that were good for people and, as best as we could, were good to the environment.

I believe customers want to see and understand what goes into a business -- the production, the supply chain, the cost fluctuations, the innovation -- and by sharing the journey, everyone is better for it. I have tried to be as transparent as possible in our communications.

These all make us special. But I don't think they should be special. I think these fundamentals should be part of how every business runs.

We don't always do perfectly, but we do our best.

We're working on some new and exciting things both behind-the-scenes and in the front scenes (the Scent of the Month is an example). We have outlined many of these projects on our crowdfunding page and we're almost at capacity for our fundraise.

If you'd like to invest, please read about what we're building: https://wefunder.com/outlawsoaps

The campaign closes at 9PM PST / 12AM EST (technically 1 minute before) and we can't accept investments after it closes, so don't miss out!

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