Let's make some stickers!!!

Recently, Sticker Mule reached out and reminded me of all the fun and cool stickers we've worked on over the years... things like the rubber chicken stickers, the sticker sheets of various fun designs, and stuff like that. I thought, "Hey! we should make more!"

But I hit a brainstorming snag. Despite pondering over all the fun, innovative, and exciting items we could create to include with our orders or as a special treat for our loyal customers, I drew a blank. (yes, even I get creative blocks!!)

That's where you come in, Outlaw gang!

We want to hear from you. What would you love to see us create? Sticker Mule offers a range of products, including custom stickers, keychains, and T-shirts, among other cool items you can check out here: https://stickermule.com

Thanks for being incredibly awesome!

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