Last Call for these Discontinued Scents and Products

We live for those evocative scents that transports us to the heart of the wilderness and the thrill of untamed adventure. Just like us, you cherish every walk under the open sky and every moment of living free and bold. It's what brings us together, after all!

It has always inspired this Outlaw adventure, and we're excited for the next frontier of scent exploration!

As we make room for more thrilling scents and daring experiments (yes, exciting times ahead!), we're saying a heartfelt last call for some of your all-time favorites. Dive back into the wild with the remaining Home on the Range Body Wash and Lust in the Dust Body Wash. Let each shower be a journey back to the places you love most.

Keep the spirit of the wild close at hand with the Blazing Saddles Hand Wash and Calamity Jane Hand Wash. And let the Calamity Jane Shampoo and Conditioner Set keep your hair as free and spirited as your soul.

From Russ and me (Danielle here, by the way), we're so excited to share this journey with you. It's your love for the wild and wonderful that inspires us to keep creating and experimenting. So let's bid a fond farewell to these beloved scents and look forward to the new adventures that await!

Catch Them Before They Ride Off:

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