Home on the Range natural body lotion, body wash, and bar soap by Outlaw

Home on the Range: The Best Outlaw scent for the Cowpoke Who Just Needs a Little Slice of Home.

"It truly smells like the outdoors. A clean scent of blackberries, laundry, and grass. And I believe I do actually smell sunshine. I have no idea how they captured that scent. Love it!" - Michelle N.

Even the wildest outlaw needs to put their feet up now and again, right?

Lean back on the porch, feel a cool breeze ripe with the scent of huckleberries and fresh grass.  The sun is shining, and you can smell the laundry drying on the line.  You're finally home, and all it took was a little of Outlaw's very own Home on the Range.

Yes, partner, it’s that good.

All right, full disclosure: Home on the Range won't physically teleport you to an actual little house on the prairie.

But the unforgettable scent of huckleberry, fresh linen, and just a hint of cut grass will give you the good, good feeling of being there.

On top of it, our Home on the Range handmade soap and Home on the Range body wash lathers up bigger than puffy clouds in a blue sky, and lasts until the cows come home.

(Cows not included.  Sorry.  You’ll have to rustle those up for yourself.)

It’s also a great soap to give the “homey” folks in your life: your mom, your grandma, or even yourself when you just want that feeling of sitting safe and happy on your own front porch.

Get yourself back to Home: https://liveoutlaw.com/collections/home-on-the-range

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