Discover the New Scent Frontiers with Outlaw's Prototype Scent Flight

Try the newest scent line-up and decide which you love best:

Dive into the heart of adventure with Outlaw’s Prototype Scent Flight, a captivating ensemble of 3 ml samples featuring our latest scent explorations.

The sale of these prototypes will fuel Outlaw's continued product development, so if you can't invest in our Crowdfunding Campaign, please consider getting these samples!

IMPORTANT: These are made-to-order. They will not be available after the pre-order closes on March 15.

This collection is a treasure trove of real-life inspired aromas, each sample a vivid narrative waiting to unfold:

  • Daybreak on the Ridge beckons with the crisp blend of pine, leather, and sandalwood, evoking the fresh, early morning air and the promise of daybreak adventures on the open plains.
  • Storm Over the High Mesa captures the electric anticipation of a storm with sagebrush, petrichor, and sandalwood, a testament to the wild, unbridled spirit of nature’s tempests.
  • Open Frontier invites you to roam the starlit prairies with sagebrush, wild grass, and cedar, embodying the essence of untamed wilderness and legendary stories whispered by the wind.
  • Dusk Outlaw envelops you in the tranquility of twilight with cedar, sagebrush, bourbon, and tobacco, a scent that celebrates the solitary spirit beneath the cloak of dusk.
  • This Wild Cabin offers a sanctuary in the serene woods with cedar, firewood, lavender, and juniper, a cozy retreat where spicy warmth meets the invigorating freshness of the wilderness.

Available for pre-order until March 15, this limited edition set is your gateway to experiencing the new scents that Outlaw might soon unveil to the world.

Each box not only provides a gateway to olfactory adventure but also includes a one-time $30 or $100 discount code, enriching your journey with savings for your next treasure hunt at

Seize the essence of real-life adventures captured in each scent. Don’t miss your chance to pre-order and immerse yourself in the stories, landscapes, and characters that inspire Outlaw’s unique fragrances.

Pre-order the test flight here:

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