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We've interviewed our little gang to provide an insight into who's behind the fine sundries you enjoy. Outlaw has a colorful and delightful set of characters (as you might imagine), so we hope you enjoy these little interviews!

Hey Veo, thanks for joining us! How do you interact with our gang of customers every day?

I feel super fortunate working directly with our customers in customer support and on social media. I mean, my actual job is spreading love and kindness around... it doesn't get much better than that! Plus it's so fun getting to know the zany members of our notorious Outlaw gang (y'all freaking ROCK)! I love looking for commonalities and finding ways to bond with folks over simple, beautiful things like Outlaw sundries, campfire memories, or personal milestones. Our customers infuse so much positivity into my world so I make it my mission to give that right back to them. This job is an absolute DREAM. I get to be positive and kind to folks all day long and feel great about the company I represent. Sweet and simple.

If all the sundries on earth were being extracted by bandit aliens, and you were only allowed to keep a case of ONE SCENT, which would it be?

Mountain Hideout

Mountain Hideout touches my soul every time I smell it. I swear, it's like the scent is somehow coded in my DNA. It completely embodies camping, hiking, mountain lakes... relaxing in my hammock between two trees with nary a care in the world... sheer peace and comfort.

Just for fun, tell us two truths and one lie, and we'll do our best to guess which one is which...

I suffered through swine flu in 2009.
I have a Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice.
I once dated a New York Jets running back.

Ok, we'll puzzle that one out for a bit...

Thanks so much for being part of the gang, Veo!


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