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Adventures in Arizona!

Well would ya look at that map!

That's the proposed route to take me on a sales tour of Arizona and parts of Nevada.

I've never been on a sales tour before, and this is really pretty crazy to me, since:

  1. I'm intensely anxious about talking with people
  2. If we don't sell stuff, I'm making this huge long trip and it's a waste of time and money, and we don't have any time or money to waste

Russ and I have been sitting here talking about it on the couch just now and looking at maps, and we realize that it's really quite a lot of driving. And don't get me wrong -- I'm a pro at long drives. But we're talking about 7 hours of driving every day, with only breaks for stopping at stores, working for Mozilla Developer Network periodically (that's my super awesome rockstar contract job), and camping out.

So wish me luck! And if you happen to know of anywhere between here and Tombstone that you think I should hit, please by all means let me know!

Speaking of, we have some exciting news...

Outlaw Soaps is rockin' down to Eclectic Avenue in Lake Havasu (home to the famous LONDON BRIDGE -- no really, there's a London Bridge replica there!). Russ is boxin' up the order and sending it out to them tomorrow.

We'll of course do a full profile of them in a day or two, but this is new news, so I'm sharin' it. :)

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