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The Autry Museum now carries Outlaw Soaps

It's not overstating even a little bit to say that having our products in the gift shop of The Autry Museum in Los Angeles is one of the greatest honors of my life.

The Autry Cowboy Museum, Los Angeles

Amazing, isn't it? Several of our gift sets are now sitting in possibly the greatest Western/cowboy museums in the world.

Earlier this month, I happened to be heading down to Los Angeles to go to a taping of a show for the author of You Are A Badass, which has been a very influential book in my life. As luck would have it (luck? Or the awesomeness of friends?), a couple friends had stopped by The Autry and suggested that they carry our products.

The buyer looked us up, and placed an order! Hooray!

So I drove the order down to their gift shop and spent a very delightful afternoon wandering the Wild West artifacts and enjoying the sights.

Here are some highlights:

Mural at the Autry

This is the prototype of the first revolver:

First revolver

(isn't it cute? Like a mini bayonet)

Billy the Kid's Gun

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