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Blazing Saddles soap: the sexiest soap everOMG WE HAVE NEWS

A couple weeks ago, we had a corporate meeting. In that meeting, we decided we needed to address some customer feedback:

  1. The soap is expensive, especially when you factor in shipping
  2. I love your soap, but I can't use it fast enough and you keep releasing new soaps, so I have a stockpile of soaps

To resolve these notes, we decided to change the price of soap to $7 and reduce the size to 4 oz (not 4.5+ anymore).

Not only does this mean that the bars are $7 ea, shipping two at a time will still be under First Class Mail, so will be $3.60 (not $5+ for priority). Plus, they'll be smaller and not as much of an epic journey to finish.

In the past, it was pretty common for us to over-pour the molds and come up with bars that were 5.3 - 5.8 oz. Since we kept the recipe size the same, we'd end up with these MASSIVE bars, and then some pretty skimpy bars (< 4.5 oz) that we'd end up cutting into samples. Samples, despite being $4 each, count as a loss. We can't sell them to wholesale customers or to regular retail customers and we usually just end up giving them away in orders.

Hair of the Dog Whiskey Soap probably about 5.7 oz of itBUT NO LONGER.

Starting in early March, we'll be selling only 4.0 oz bars for $7 each.

We're behind on soapmaking for the new year, so the big bars we have now are what we have until early March.

So if you are meaning to buy soap and want the big bars for $9, now is your time. Once they are sold out, you'll have to wait until March for more.

We are setting aside soap for the Subscribers, so don't panic.

Shipping Charges

I know we said we weren't changing our shipping to meet the USPS postal increase (for then), but since we're reducing our retail prices, we are going to have to stop taking a loss on shipping. Sorry, it's just what we have to do.

But hopefully the fact that we can now ship 2 bars of soap for the price of 1 will be a great motivator to order more at once! :)

Here's a picture of Roxy to be a spoonful of sugar.

We're going to be making all these changes at once, so as soon as we start charging less for the soap, we're going to increase shipping.

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