You may remember seven months ago, we redesigned our packaging from bio-film shrink wrap and a sticker to our new box design.



I love our new packaging so much. We don't have to leave samples out, because people can smell the soaps directly from the window in the front. The bars don't get banged up because they're safely tucked in boxes. The boxes are much easier to assemble and require less time than the shrink film and sticker. Plus, I think they look pretty nice, if I do say so myself.

I had designed packaging only once before, and that was more than 15 years ago when I was working at Microsoft. Designing packaging was a pretty radical and new experience for me, but as usual, if there's a way to do it, I'm going to set about figuring it out.

When we started checking out packaging, we ordered a bunch of samples from all over the place. Many of these had come from businesses recommended by my network, which I always appreciate.

But then, like a bolt of lightning, I got an email newsletter from Guided Products, the company who makes our business cards! The newsletter said they started making boxes... and HOORAY, I was so excited. We've worked with them from the beginning of our business, and not only do they have very high quality product and are US-Made (did you know most cheap packaging is made overseas? yes, even the small run stuff), they're also really awesome to work with.

We had something like 500 made in the first run, just to see how it looked. That was hella expensive, since doing small runs of stuff is not very cost effective, but what I've learned in these three years is that spending a little more at first is important just to see if the bigger investment is worth it.

We've been doing the new boxes since January, and the response has been really positive. People love them!

And recently, we even designed a new package for our limited edition Legends of the West collections. Here's what it looks like all flat:

(I'm particularly proud of the landscape illustration I made for the bottom, which I hope shows up well on the packaging)

So when you buy a bar of Outlaw Soaps, you know a little more about what goes into how the whole thing came to be. :)

We love working with companies like Guided because they're more than just our vendors, they're our friends. Being a small business and supporting other small businesses is what our company is all about.

Thanks for helping us do that!

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