| by Danielle Vincent

Things I Have Learned in 40 Years

Now that I am a wise old person, my friend asked me to let him know "when I figured it all out."
Here's what I told him:
  • Life is too short to argue with shitty, small-minded people
  • Life is not long enough to spend time with all the really awesome people
  • Despite credit scores being totally bullhshit, they are actually very important. No matter where you start, a good credit score is only 7 years and a lot of automatic bill payments away.
  • The IRS is a lot more patient and awesome than they get credit for
  • Get regular maintenance done on your car
  • It's ok to let people and things go if they aren't working for you, no matter how long of a history you have
  • A book/business/career/weight loss program is more about the tiny decisions every day than it is about any big decision. Commitment is a lie unless it's a commitment applied consistently
  • Goals without routines are dreams, routines without goals are futile wastes of time
  • Even if you're a mess 70% of the time (or 90%), people will usually forgive you if you're a nice person (but credit agencies will not)
  • Other people are going to be a mess 70% (or 90%) of the time, and you can forgive them if they're good people (but not if they're assholes)
  • It probably really is just a cold
Things I Have Learned in 40 Years

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