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Backorders Forever

Ah, backorders... we usually hate them and try to make enough stock so that they're never a problem, but this season kind of sprung up on us and shook us down, and now everything (nearly everything) is backordered.

How does this happen? Because soap needs to cure for at least 30 days. So no matter how much soap we have made in the past two weeks, we'll still be backordered on stuff.

We want time to move faster, but it just can't. We have tried nearly every trick in the book to make soap cure faster (using less water, putting heaters and fans on them, and pleading with them emphatically), but nothing works. They are stuck moving at their own pace.

So, we meditate, we pace, we moan, we whine, and, most importantly, we wait 4 weeks.

And that's the story of why soaps are on backorder.

If you want to read more about our ingredients and process, I wrote a handy page about it.

But stick-ups and lip balm are different!

If you're eager to get some Outlaw in your life, we have our most popular scents in our Stick-Up Lotions and Lip Balms. Those don't require the same amount of cure time and we're able to adjust our production to meet demand.

So why not try out some of your favorites in lotion form instead?

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