Subscription Prices & Adjustments

As part of our efforts to keep Outlaw going, we're adjusting some of our subscriptions:

  1. We're updating our prices so everyone is paying an equitable and fair price
  2. We're updating the subscription processing dates so we can more consistently and dependably process subscriptions quickly
  3. We're updating the frequency of subscriptions so everything is on a monthly schedule after the first subscription (the 15th of the month)

Subscription Prices

Over the years, people have subscribed to our products at different price points:

  1. Sometimes there's a sale which temporarily discounts the prices of the soaps, and inadvertently also discounts the subscriptions.
  2. For a time, we were offering free shipping for subscriptions, and as the price of shipping has increased, we kept those subscriptions on free shipping.
  3. On certain occasions, because of human error, one of our customer satisfaction folks have adjusted the price of a subscription intending for it to be a one time discount, but that discount just keeps processing.

Because we do not see the aggregate effect of these orders over time, these issues go unnoticed. Subscription pricing issues are a perpetual money-losing machine.

We are reaching out to subscribers and making prices consistent across-the-board. Some subscribers may see an increase in prices. Some subscribers may see a reduction.

SUBSCRIPTIONS ARE AN IMPORTANT PART OF OUR BUSINESS. We don't want to piss off our subscribers.

We're On Your Side, No Matter What. We Hope That's Mutual.

If you're one of the people who gets an increased price, please understand that we've been subsidizing your subscription -- often for many years, and often because we recognize your name and know you've been a long-time customer.

If you get an increase, we hope you'll see this as an opportunity to offset the cost of our subsidy, rather than just an increase in cost.

We're encouraging EVERYONE to subscribe to our Scent Soundtrack Subscription, which is a handmade soap (or body wash) and cologne subscription, since that's the latest and greatest.