Howdy! This is embarrassing!

If you’re seeing this page, it means that you followed a link from an email that still includes our old tracking system in it. Sorry ‘bout that!

We changed to a significantly better system (hooray!), so you should be receiving a brand new shiny tracking link as soon as your next shipping event happens.

If you feel like doing us a huge favor, could you respond to the email that you got and let the friendly customer satisfaction enthusiast know that the link took you to this page, and that Robin would want to know?

We’re a small company without a gigantic marketing arm… kind of like T-Rex’s arms. Except without the gigantor dinosaur body attached. So perhaps a T-Rex isn’t the right analogy… more like a one-armed teddy bear with a little stuffing coming out of where the other arm used to be.

And the email you got is the stuffing… I knew I could make this analogy work.

So if you write back and let us know what email you got that led you to this page, you’ll be helping us get our stuffing back into our armhole.

Thank you so much for your order and for your patience!