Wanted: Wrangler of Projects

Outlaw Soaps is seeking a new member of our Grass Valley gang!

We're a fun and frolicsome band of Outlaws who believe in the intrinsic rewards of a job well done. Our company is growing quickly (we just hired 3 new production folks!) and we need someone to keep our growth train goin' on the office side.

The ideal candidate will be a balance of focused process and creative improvisation. You should be self-motivated and hold the values of the company, including growth, professionalism, kindness, and adventure.

We're looking for someone who'll be excited to do the following:
- Keeping a whole mess of projects organized
- Communicating with a wide variety of individuals, from customers to celebrities (sometimes those two overlap)
- Researching potential wholesale sales customers
- Sending press/sales/promotional material to key individuals
- Writing thoughtful and amusing cards to our favorite people
- Diligently task-tracking from day to day
- Calling folks on the phone and answering calls from the periodic person
- Making decisions based on incomplete information and unclear instruction, with the understanding that a misstep will be a-ok

Your skillset should include:
- Exceptional craft in the written word (samples of social media posts will be accepted as proof of craft)
- Relentless optemism
- The patience to untangle a ball of yarn, but the wisdom to know when the yarn is too tangled to be worth the effort
- Humor in the face of ridiculousness (not gallow's humor)
- Laser focus on task completion across multiple days, weeks, months, years
- Attention to detail, like spelling and punctuation

You should be proficient in the following:
- The Microsoft Office Situation (mostly PowerPoint & Excel)
- Microsoft Outlook 365
- The Google Drive Suite
Optional: Photoshop, Canva, Airtable

This is an ambitious list of requirements, but we know the right person is out there. We're hiring for attitude and potential (not just past experience), so if you're pretty sure you're the ideal person for the job, please don't let a lack of past experience stop ya. We believe in enabling people to grow to their full potential.

If you're interested in growing with a truly exciting and awesome company, this is a great position for you. People stick with us for years because we're fun and awesome employers with a clear path for growth and great career potential.

Compensation for this position is $18 - $20/hr, part time, no benefits right now. The position may expand to full time with benefits, but depends on many factors both within and without our control.

Outlaw Soaps is committed to maintaining a diverse and collaborative workplace. Discrimination or disrespect of others is not tolerated.

You should be able to work onsite at our workshop next to the Grass Valley Airport. Reliable transportation and regular attendance is mandatory.

If this sounds like your dream job, please email danielle@outlawsoaps.com with the following:

  1. A cover letter explaining why you want this job and identifying the misspelling in this job description
  2. Your resume
  3. Your LinkedIn profile if you have one

Outlaw Soaps is growing, so if you're interested in a production position, please email russ@outlawsoaps.com