Handmade Western-inspired Bar Soap

Our handmade soap is mixed in small batches with natural ingredients, poured and swirled with attention to craft and detail, sliced into 4 oz bars, and cured for 30 days. It's like the personal care equivalent of a fine whiskey!

If you'd like to try a variety of our Handmade Soaps, we recommend you subscribe to the Soap of the Month. You can try all our scents (and even explore some limited edition soaps) for $7/bar. If you get 2 bars (each different), you get free shipping!

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Fire in the Hole Handmade Bar Soap

Explosively Awesome: Campfire | Gunpowder | Sagebrush | Whiskey | Excitement!

$ 7.00

Blazing Saddles Handmade Soap

The Sexiest Scent Ever: Warm Leather | Gunpowder | Sagebrush | Sandalwood

$ 7.00

Mountain Hideout Handmade Bar Soap

In the Mountains, You're Free: Pine | Damp Earth | Campfire

$ 7.00

Hair of the Dog Whiskey Handmade Bar Soap

Wash Yourself Awake: Whiskey | Tobacco | Coffee

$ 7.00

Calamity Jane Spice Handmade Bar Soap

The legendary scent inspired by Calamity Jane: Clove | Orange | Cinnamon | Whiskey

$ 7.00

Lust in the Dust Handmade Bar Soap

The Desert Western Romance Everywhere You Go: Sagebrush | Sandalwood | Campfire

$ 7.00

Home on the Range Handmade Bar Soap

The Smell of Peace: Juicy Blackberries | Sun-Dried Laundry | Fresh-Cut Grass | Bar of Happiness

$ 7.00

The Cursed Cowboy Handmade Bar Soap

Warm & Wild | Clove and Campfire Handmade Soap

$ 7.00

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