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Feelin' lost when it comes to gift giving for your cowgal or cowboy? We got ya, my friend! You’ll come out a sure hero for Valentine's Day, with these gifts for your very special companion.

Not only do you get a great-smellin' companion, you get credit for many months of a thoughtful giftI'm sure you'll find something that'll tickle their fancy!


Gifts that keep on giving: A Soapy Subscription Box

The gift that literally keeps giving... try the Outlaw Subscription Boxes (with whatever your cowboy or cowgirl could desire)!

Pick the perfect one:

Each of these subscriptions is a very sexy 25% off, so it's sure to put your loved one in the mood (probably in the mood for a shower, to be honest, but there's nothing wrong with that).

Peruse all the Outlaw Subscription Boxes


For Whiskey Lovers

Does whiskey make 'em frisky? Shop our finest scents on this side of the West to remind your lover to kick back and pour themselves a tall glass.

"The Gambler is a sexy scent, not too overpowering, not too subtle, it's literally just right! It's a scent that is relaxing, sexy, comforting and delicious all wrapped into a hug. Yes, Guys & Gals, once you embrace your loved one who is wearing Gambler, you won't wanna let them go!" - Alicia

whiskey soap


Here's some fine Outlaw goods which feature whiskey:

The Gambler Cologne

Fire In the Hole Gift Set (cologne and bar soap - the works!)

Hair of the Dog Handmade Whiskey Soap

Our Lip Balms in Whiskey A Go-Go and Whiskey Business 




For Cowboy's That Have Everything

the sexiest cologne everWe've heard it over and over: This cologne is THE SEXIEST.

"Sometimes in life we have to put the saddle up and punch in. But that doesn’t mean we have to stop being cowboys. There’s an outlaw in all of us. This fragrance is nothing shy of the real ranch style life. Brush fire leather smoke and hard work. Hell I use it even in my truck and on my sheets." - Paul

It's the kind of scent to remember someone by... and that someone is YOUR someone! Just a spray or two of this bold, Western-inspired cologne will transport you and your honey to the Southwest.

"The fragrance of my dreams." - Rand

Get this for whomever you'd like to ride off into the sunset with... and then ride off into the sunset. (it's worth it)

Check out our Blazing Saddles Cologne and our whole Blazing Saddles Scent Collection!


For Cowgal's That Have Everything

"If a girl wants to be a legend, she should just go ahead and be one." - Calamity Jane

Maybe my favorite quote of all time, from the mouth of a whiskey-soaked, leather-clad, foul-mouthed ruffian. It's fitting. And you can bring that attitude to your own rough-n-tumble gal with our Calamity Jane collection.

"I love the smell of Calamity Jane!  It's perfect.  I ordered the lotion, the solid cologne and am anxiously awaiting the arrival of the perfume." - Shari C

Calamity Jane smells like clove, orange, cinnamon, and a kick of whiskey (of course!), and is one of our most beloved scents.


Grab some Calamity Jane Cologne today.

And there's more... see all products in our Calamity Jane Scent Collection!


As always, thanks for being part of our awesome gang, and we hope you find the perfect loot for the Bonnie to your Clyde (or the Clyde to your Bonnie)!

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Bellezza Squillace

Your Calamity Jane brand is a hit. I’d like to suggest Patchouli, the good stuff, because if your prone to smelling good and can blend with outlaw standards would be a great seller