Lip balm that tastes like jack and coke

Outlaw's new lip balms taste like your favorite cocktails (as long as your favorite cocktails are the 5 flavors we have, of course)

It's so hard to find a good lip balm, but our customers’ unquenchable thirst for adventure leads to frequently chapped lips.

As lip enthusiasts, we at Outlaw feel it's our job — no, our DUTY to give every American lips that are both delicious and kissable.

But at the same time, if we know anything about Outlaws, we know flavors like watermelon or bubblegum aren't going to quench either chapped lips or thirst for adventure (and especially not a thirst for a good Jack & Coke).

So we've created lip balms that are not only of the highest quality, but also of robust and delightful flavors Outlaws enjoy:

Pick your favorite flavor, or (our recommendation) try all five delicious flavors in a five-pack for just $30 ($27 during the pre-sale).

If you're an Outlaw, or know someone who has Outlaw inclinations, give 'em a try:

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Linda Stahlhut


Vicki Kindred

These sound great!

Linda Friel

Still waiting for me order


Yum :)


GREAT advertising!
I love it!
I’ll be back…those lip balms sound amazing n I’m not a drinker!