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Shut up and take my money - the details about the new loan

The loan is now LIVE! Please contribute what you can here.

Shut up and take my money!

Wow. Well, wow. I am ... wow.

The other day, I posted about how we are going to be getting a $10k loan in a couple weeks. Within not long at all, people were asking how they could contribute to the loan.

The quick answer is: SOON. It was going to be March 1, but it may be sooner.

The longer answer is...

First, let me begin by saying.. OH MY GOSH THANK YOU. I really appreciate your enthusiasm and support. I appreciate that you believe in us and our business. I appreciate that you have faith that we will pay you back (some of you don't even want to be paid back, but we really do insist).

Second, we just paid the original Kiva loan off last weekend:

kiva loan repaid in full!

Now that we've done that, our trustee is going to give us some next steps to apply for our new loan.

After we apply (which is itself kind of a long process since there's a long questionnaire and we have to break down exactly what we are going to use the money for), we have to wait for our Kiva trustee to approve our loan (usually this takes a while, but our friend at Kiva is on the lookout for our application).

So... I'm not sure when all that will be done.

Russ is forecasting supply costs for the rest of the year, which is probably the biggest part of the whole thing. I just got final box pricing for our new boxes and sample boxes last night. We're aggressively trying to find the best prices on supplies, and working through massive spreadsheets of shipping fees to get the best bang for our buck (for example, if we order 5 lbs of leather scent, we pay $60 for shipping. But if we order 25 lbs of leather scent, we pay $70 for shipping... a much better deal, getting the per-lb cost of that scent from $18.50/lb to $16.70/lb).

In other (related) news...

Bass Pro Shops wrote asking for a catalog, pricing, and samples (it was a response to an inquiry I sent them last week, so yeah, I'm hustlin'). We've been reaching out to Whole Foods stores in areas where we have a lot of sales (Los Angeles, all of Texas, and all of Florida).

And MOST IMPORTANTLY, we just sent some samples to HGTV for inclusion in their National Parks Centennial Gift Guide, which would be HUUUUUUGE.

So please send all the good juju you can!

Thank you so much for your support and enthusiasm. We look forward to taking your money in the near future!

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